Principal Richard Szpara has been practicing independently for over two decades. He heads a small shop, consisting of experienced craftsman who create hand-forged ornamental railings, furniture, gates, and fencing in iron, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum.

Art Met’s unique products hold one foot in the past and another in the present, retaining the best of both. This versatility, coupled with a solid grasp of high-quality blacksmithing, gives the company is strength and appeal.

Art Met’s creations are widely known for their beautiful work, its projects range from as small as a window security grille or as vast as a massive fenced entry gate.
Art Met’s work has been featured in Chicago Home and Garden and the Sheridan Road.

With over 190 years of collective expertise Art Met is proud to present a truly original European craftsmanship;True wrought iron can usually be distinguished by its opulent patterns and curves, and often the marks of the smith’s hammer are evident.

Since wrought ironwork is forged by hand, small irregularities are usually apparent, and valued as evidence of the smith’s craft.

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