Custom Iron Gates: Chicago

Custom iron gates have been incorporated and customized throughout history in many king’s palaces; today we bring you the same quality of Custom Iron Gates here in Chicago. Our artisans specialize in creating amazing Iron gates, for your estate, your business, or private home here in Chicago.

iron gates in Chicago

What exactly is Wrought Iron?
Wrought iron is an iron alloy with a very low carbon content in contrast to steel, and has fibrous inclusions, known as slag. This is what gives it a “grain” resembling wood, which is visible when it is etched or bent to the point of failure. Wrought iron is tough, malleable, ductile and easily welded.
Wikipedia: Wrought Iron

Custom Design Wrought Iron Gates

Our Custom Design Wrought Iron gates include a vast verity of styles. We take you from old world antiquity, to a bold modern style, from the dramatic, to simple elegance. When you order Custom Iron Gates from our company, you will experience our love of Ironwork. When designing Custom Iron gates for you, we take special care to provide you with your specific creative vision, and desire. We listen to you, and bring forth your vision into reality.
Our precision Custom Iron Gates are durable and last a lifetime. We guarantee quality work based on our years of experience.Our Custom Iron gates afford you beauty and securities for your home, rest assure that your property will be completely secure. ArtMet Chicago Custom Iron Gates not only produces Custom Iron Gates, we specialize in: creating walkway gates,

  • driveway gates,
  • railing, front entries,
  • balconies,
  • trellises,
  • elegant spiraling staircases,
  • and more.

All of our work specifically costumed designed for you. If your heart’s desire is to have, a replica of a king’s palace, or a faraway exotic garden, our artisans will reproduce it with utmost quality and high standards. Our ornamental ironwork stands out; many of our clients come back for more. We have an extensive show room, come, and see what we can do, and if nothing satisfies you here, we will create what is in your heart.

Custom Iron Works for your property

Your property, your business, and your home express who you are; we would like to meet with you and show you what we can do. Yes, designing and specializing in Custom Iron Gates is a big part of our products, however we also produce other Ironwork products that fit your needs. We focus on the interior of you home, from: curtain rods, to indoor lattice, wine racks, and cellars, as well furniture. Our custom designs add beauty and elegance to your home.

Existing Ironwork on your property.

Do you have existing Ironwork on your property in need of repair, we will be glad to see it, evaluate, and our professional team will do the work. When you contact us here at ArtMet Chicago Wrought Iron Gates , you can rest assure that we will take good care of you with our excellent customer service. We cannot wait to excite you with our amazing custom portfolio. We are eager to offer you our services; our artisans, are ready and waiting to serve your every Ironwork need, no job is small; at ArtMet, we are proud of our work and stand by it!

We look forward to hearing and meeting you in person.


Art-Met Inc. Chicago Custom Iron Works
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Franklin Park, IL 60131
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