Art-Met Inc. Chicago Iron works. Custom manufacturer of architectural & Ornamental Iron Work in Chicago Area

Some, of the most beautiful works of art are made of Wrought Iron. When, people think of this iron the main thing that comes to mind are gates, outside railings, or window guards. However, there are some very intricate pieces made from this iron.

Iron has been a part of man’s culture for centuries. The word wrought is a verb form of the word, “worked”. There is another form of iron called, “cast iron”. This iron does not have the same flexibility of wrought, and it can only be use for certain items. That is because this type of iron is brittle and it breaks easily.

Today, custom iron work is a very intricate part of the decoration inside the home. It is not unusual to find intricately designed works of art on winding staircases. Nor, is it unusual to find a decorative piece inside a home.

This iron contains fibrous inclusions that are called slag, and it has very low carbon. This material gives the iron grain that resembles the grain found in wood. Although, steel is a more popular metal, iron was the metal of choice for centuries.

Many of Chicago iron works are featuring custom-made items in this type of iron. An item that is seeing a great surge in popularity is the custom-made handrail. They have long been used to adorn walkways and the front steps of home, but now, they are showing up inside some of the most elegant homes. Custom made handrails have more than one purpose. They serve as a way to provide a measure of safety in the home and of course, the aesthetic quality of these rails is as beautifully designed as the home they decorate.

Custom manufacturer of architectural & ornamental iron work
Art-Met Inc.

Art-Met Inc. Chicago Custom Iron Works
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